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Your Perfect Backyard: You Dream It, We Create It

Updated: May 15

We’ve had some comfortable spring weather recently, which means you’ve probably been spending time outside. When you’re in the backyard, do you find yourself daydreaming of what it could be? “A pool right there...a patio with a fire maybe an outdoor kitchen there instead of the fire pit…” One of the best things about working with your Birmingham Landscape Construction team at DSLD is the ability to turn your entire backyard into your picture-perfect oasis. Not just beautiful landscaping, but also inground pools. Not just aquascapes, but also hardscapes and outdoor kitchens. With all summer full of grilling and swimming right around the corner, it’s time to get started on those backyard renovations! Let’s dream together. Outdoor Kitchens Outdoor kitchens are extremely popular, and for good reason! You can grill, entertain, chill the drinks, and serve up delicious food all in one gorgeous hardscape area in your own backyard. We build the outdoor kitchen around your needs- grills, outdoor appliances like refrigerators, and countertops. If you have to handle raw meat while grilling, then you’ll definitely need an outdoor sink. It can also be used as a handwashing station for guests, and to keep your workspace clean and healthy! Having refrigeration in your outdoor kitchen makes it more functional. Plus, it keeps the chef involved with guests rather than having to make trips to and from the house constantly. We also can install bars and other dining arrangements. Our design experts can help you achieve your goal of a functional (and picture-worthy) outdoor kitchen! Patio with a fire pit This goes hand-in-hand with an outdoor kitchen. We can make coordinating hardscape areas perfect for eating and entertaining. The patio and fire pit (or outdoor fireplace) are the perfect place to entertain your guests and/or relax before and after dinner. We'll get it designed and created, while you start looking at patio furniture options to complement your new space.  Pool 

Pools are loved by adults and children alike! The pool can be a smaller design, meant for relaxing and cooling off, or something larger to give the kids and their friends a bigger place to swim and play. The kids can play while you and your friends lounge on the patio or stand around the grill in the outdoor kitchen. We’ve partnered with Desjoyaux Pools, the largest pool manufacturer and installer in the world. The Desjoyaux Pool concept goes beyond the three traditional pool options; fiberglass, vinyl liner and gunite. What is the #1 issue people have with pools? If you said leaks, you are correct! That being said, pools typically leak in one of two places: the plumbing or the shell itself. Desjoyaux has the solution to both as it is the only pool system that is 100% pipeless and the only pool system that uses their patented heavy membrane! This means that you can rest easy with the assurance that you will never have to tunnel under the pool or pool deck to fix that pesky pipe leak. Desjoyaux Pools also come equipped with a thick, heavy duty membrane that is extremely durable and will last for many years to come. In fact, Desjoyaux is so confident about their membrane that they offer a 10 year warranty! Softscapes

Beautiful softscapes pull the whole concept together. There are few backyard scenes as beautiful as the juxtaposition of hardscape and landscape. Earthy tones meet bright vegetation and vibrant blooms. Our skilled landscaping team will bring your backyard to life with shrubs, flower beds, trees, and other vegetation. Having softscapes turns an awesome backyard into an oasis. One where you can rest and relax on the days you don’t have everyone over for swimming and steaks.  Lighting The final piece of the “dream backyard” puzzle is lighting. Chances are, the sun setting is not going to stop the party in your backyard. Be prepared with the correct lighting for your outdoor kitchen, patio, pool, and softscapes. Lighting up your backyard provides an unmatched aesthetic effect while adding safety and usability. Each may require a different type of lighting option, depending on its purpose (beautification, usability, safety, or security) and your DSLD team can determine what you’ll need and how to get it done.  Does it feel like your dream backyard is starting to come to life? The Birmingham landscape construction team at DSLD is capable of doing the whole project! No need to hire separate companies for the job!  Call (205) 437-1012 to sit down with us to go over your ideas and to start mapping out a plan to get started on your dream backyard!

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