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Swimming Pools

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Desjoyaux Pools

Desjoyaux Pools is the largest in-ground pool manufacturer in the world and DSLD is the only certified Desjoyaux Pools builder in Alabama. As the world’s largest pool manufacturer, Desjoyaux has designed the best engineered and most efficient swimming pool. With 50+ years of manufacturing pools, Desjoyaux Pools offer the only pipeless swimming pool system with an in-ground filtration system that you can neither see nor hear, using less than half the energy of other pools. Most swimming pools will have a leak in the first three to five years; Desjoyaux is the only pool company that guarantees no leaks for ten years!

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Pool Steps

Pool Options

DSLD builds in-ground pools of any size and any shape, so everyone can have a pool in their backyard. Whether you want a gunite, vinyl liner, or Desjoyaux pool, DSLD can build a swimming pool to fit your style.

Each Desjoyaux in-ground pool structure incorporates recycled materials and uses only half the energy that other pool systems require. Any conventional pool filtering system will work with Desjoyaux pools. Desjoyaux pools are the only pipeless pool system available and has a 10 year leak-free warranty. The options are virtually endless, so you know you’ll have the best swimming pool and spa experience.  

As Desjoyaux says, “A swimming pool is not just concrete, coping stones and water, it is also contagious happiness and a shared family spirit.” Contact us today to get started on transforming your backyard into a summertime paradise that all starts with a pool. 

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The Full Project

DSLD’s team will design and construct the perfect backyard oasis, complete with landscaping, softscapes, and hardscapes.

It is no longer necessary to have multiple companies involved to build the backyard of your dreams; DSLD integrates and provides all design/build services for your convenience.

Feel free to stop by AquaScapes retail store on Highway 280, across from Lee Branch to purchase your swimming pool supplies and accessories. 

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