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Landscape Design

During your initial consultation, DSLD will assess the on-site factors of your property including form, function, and adding sustainable value to your home long-term. They meet with you and discuss your outdoor needs, desires, and goals.

DSLD will then develop a design that encompasses and considers the on-site information they have gathered. DSLD prides themselves on creating designs that transform your outdoor space into an expression of your identity and individuality. The design process includes:

Green Leaf
Green Leaves

Design Team 

The DSLD landscape design and architecture team, along with their field service and construction team members, are seasoned professionals who understand the design and installation process. Having worked in the Birmingham area for over 41 years, DSLD understands the different municipalities’ building codes, ARC and HOA requirements and stand ready to partner with you.Whether upgrading existing landscaped areas, installing new landscape construction or providing solutions for problem areas, DSLD strives to surpass your expectations for your project. They provide designs that are low maintenance, durable, and within your budget.

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