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Engineering Services

Let DSLD Land Management help you visualize and build the outdoor project of your dreams. If you have a problem area in your yard or house foundation DSLD stands ready to design and build a solution for you.

We specialize in drainage, grading, and structural issues that plague homeowners. 


Our team of engineers will assess all on-site conditions and design a solution to fit your needs. DSLD endeavors to add value to your property and increase sustainability while striving to meet your engineering needs and goals.



DSLD’s team of experienced engineers work alongside you to ensure your project is sound. DSLD will assist in obtaining the necessary permits and authorizations on your behalf, all while helping your property reach its fullest potential by offering design services for all your engineering needs.


Almost all development and construction projects begin with an environmental review. Our team has the expertise and experience to ensure project success from beginning to end. We understand the environmental landscape and can navigate the review, permitting, and compliance processes. We can also manage all of the water-related requirements of your project, including spill prevention and stormwater management. Our team specializes in residential and small-scale commercial projects and can give you peace of mind knowing your project is in knowledgeable hands.

Natural Water System
Metal Structure


The DSLD engineers assess structural issues or damage and create detailed solutions to quickly and efficiently solve your problem. DSLD can maximize productivity for your company through our building and equipment layout services. They provide their expertise when you are preparing to construct a new building and need a foundation design that will enhance the structural integrity of your building.

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