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Ways to Integrate a Private Space in Your Landscape Design

Updated: May 15

We all want to have our own private space where we can go to meditate or reflect. A place where we can feel protected, even if it is not completely private. This refuge can be a small room, a break from the exterior landscape, or an area within the landscape that suggests a form. In most cases, a private space for the people in the household will also be a private space for the plants and animals. Consider using a small bird or squirrel feeder or a tiny pond to entice wildlife. We usually choose a small space in the landscape to create a private environment. It can be indoors or outdoors depending on how we define private space. However, we must understand that even small private spaces often require some type of maintenance. You may need to prune a tree to provide a view or maintain a wall. We may need to clean a birdbath or hydrate a tiny pocket garden. We must be prepared for some type of work. Here are some of the ways you can add a private space to your landscape design. 

1. Create a WalkwayA walkway can be designed in a way that will lead you to your private space. A walkway filled with stones or lined with plants can make you feel welcome. When this walkway is surrounded by other landscape elements such as perimeter shrubs or plants, you will feel protected. 

2. Use Glass Panels A glass panel in the middle of the landscape can be used as a transition between two spaces. Glass panels can make you feel separated from the landscaped exterior. It can also protect the plants from weather elements. This is a flexible way to create a private space in your landscape design.

3. Add a Gate or FenceA gate or fence can be a transition between a landscape area and a private space. They can also be used to delineate a transition between the public and private space. It can be used to frame a place or stop the view, thereby protecting the plants inside the fence or gate.

4. Add a FountainFountains are commonly added at the center of a large landscape area. The height of a fountain can set the mood for the private space. A fountain can also be used to bring more water to a landscape design. It can also be used to create a transition between a landscape area and a private space.

5. Add a BenchA bench is a good focal point for a landscape design. It can be added to make a distinction between a landscape area and a private space.  

ConclusionA private space in the landscape can be a great addition to your landscape design. The most important thing when creating a private space is to have a plan. You may have to add or remove a few elements to achieve the plan. It can be a hassle, but the result will be worth the effort. If you’re looking for residential landscape designers in Birmingham, AL that can tailor a design for you, choose DSLD Land Management. We can create a serene environment that is inviting, relaxing, and a personal retreat. Let us build your personal oasis today. Schedule an appointment with us now! 

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