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Types of Landscaping Rocks for a Stunning Landscape

Updated: May 15

Landscaping rock (stone) is a popular and time-tested hardscape material used to bring out the beauty of plants, construct useful landscape features, add definition or an accent to your property, and effectively manage problem areas.  Adding rocks to your landscape will also reduce damage from animals as well as extreme weather damage or neglect so it can last for at least several years. So if you are considering having a beautiful, functional, and highly attractive landscape, here are the eight different types of landscaping rocks you should know.

River RocksRiver rocks are more expensive and commonly available in many locations. The stones with different textures and colors are extracted from rivers, waterfalls, and even stormwater retention basins. They are usually rounded and smoothed from tumbling by the water, but there are varying degrees of smoothness. To make them more durable, some rocks are dried and heat treated to prevent deterioration from moisture.  River rocks are best suited for your property if you want something that is more naturally irregular and less processed.

FlagstonesFlagstones are metamorphic rocks that are very regularly shaped. In nature, they are found as boulders, but these rocks are usually too big for landscaping purposes. These rocks are very durable, but they are also cost-effective and decorative.  Flagstones are great for pathways, patios, and accent pieces providing a stunning yet functional beauty to the landscape.

Crushed StoneCrushed stone is made by driving a stone or boulder into a stone crusher. This breaks it into small pieces. When crushing rocks, the stones lose many of their original features, but it can be a cost-effective alternative compared to natural stone.  Crushed stone is great for landscaping purposes for walkways and driveways.

Lava RocksLava rocks have a unique and varied texture that is appealing to most people. Depending on the type of lava rock, they can be rough, smooth, shiny, and more. A few of the most popular types of lava rocks for landscaping purposes include pumice, which is a fine-grained stone, and scoria, which is sand-like in texture. Lava rocks are perfect for decorating fire pits and outdoor fireplaces.

Black Polished PebblesBlack polished pebbles are also known as pea gravel. They are small in size, at 2 inches or less. When used in a fountain, these rocks can be used as a filter. This variety of rock is one of the most versatile and common types used for landscaping. Pebbles have a rounded edge, which makes them durable and perfect for all kinds of environments. They are primarily used for paths and patio areas.

FieldstoneFieldstone is one of the most natural and attractive forms of landscaping stone. It is an uncut or unpolished stone that is usually found in the field or a quarry. Although there is some processing involved, it is still a natural stone. It is also a more costly material because it is used in more traditional landscapes.  Fieldstone is a great option for stone walls, water features, a fireplace, path edging, and more.

BouldersBoulders are large rocks. They can come in all shapes and sizes, but they are most commonly used around trees and plants. They are also popular with homeowners because of their minimal processing and minimal use of materials.  Boulders are typically used as decorative accents and border pieces. They are also used in paver systems, as well. They are also a good choice for retaining walls, benches, fences, and other structures.

CobblestoneCobblestone is a metamorphic rock, which means that it is one of the oldest stone types used for landscaping. It is made from thin layers of stone that are stacked atop each other, so homeowners should be aware that some splitting can occur. Cobblestone is different in terms of size, thickness, and texture. Because of this, they are used in locations that require a lot of foot traffic. This is why it is a popular choice for pathways, driveways, and other stone-based walkways. Cobblestone is also used in more rustic-style landscaping, especially for outdoor kitchens and garden beds.

ConclusionLandscaping rocks are never a fail-safe choice, but they can be the perfect solution for certain situations. They are valued for their durability and unique features. The focus of landscaping is to improve the look of your property while improving its functionality and ease of use. By adding these landscaping rocks, you can add value and aesthetic appeal to your home. DSLD Land Management provides landscape services in Birmingham, AL that can help provide beauty, functionality, and longevity to any landscape. Let us provide the services you need to keep your land looking its best! Contact us to get started!

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