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Top 7 Signs That You Need A Pool Repair and Maintenance

Updated: May 15

Any property would benefit from a pool since it gives residents a place to unwind and enjoy the pleasant weather. Pools need regular upkeep and repairs to stay in excellent shape. Making sure your pool is operating properly is crucial. Your health could be harmed, and thousands of dollars in repairs could be necessary for a poorly maintained swimming pool. Here are several indicators that your pool may require maintenance and who to contact for pool repair in Birmingham, Alabama: 

Signs that Your Pool Needs ServiceWhat if you're maintaining your pool but are unsure if you are doing it correctly? When selecting a pool service, what warning signals should you look for? Thankfully, there are a few markings.

Blocked PipesPlumbing blockages are the most prevalent problem with swimming pools, and you shouldn't try to fix them yourself. Due to dirty water from clogged pipes, your filter won't work properly. Your swimming pool, therefore, starts to smell, look awful, and get sickly. Additionally, you regularly discover leaves and other dirt obstructing your pipes. However, you should hire a specialist if you require a pool service.

Clogged Sand FilterEven though sand filters can last for more than 10 years, they can break down if you don't replace them every three to five years. Have you noticed that your backwashing cycles are getting shorter? It can be a sign that your sand filter is dirty or greasy.

CracksCracks in swimming pools are a problem. If the cracks don't impact your swimming pool, they could become a problem. Fractures might be seen on the pool's walls or the deck. There are two main swimming pool cracks: structural fractures and surface cracking. While a surface crack may be unattractive, it probably won't impact how well your pool functions. However, structural damages are likely leaking. Poor design, construction, or soil issues are the usual causes of pool cracks. If you hire for pool maintenance in Birmingham, AL, the specialists will provide you with a pool service to find any design defects and the primary cause of the cracks.

Defective Swimming Pool LightsBroken lights are rarely easy to replace, especially swimming pool lighting. Broken pool lighting might make it difficult for you to use your pool when it's not sunny outside and lessen its visual appeal. Because combining electrical with water is risky, a specialist is needed to fix swimming pool lights.  Several things might cause swimming pool lights to break, including circuit breakers that have tripped. It's best to contact a professional pool repair company to replace your damaged swimming pool lights because the procedures are highly involved, and you want to ensure your safety and the overall quality of your pool.

Discrete GroutIf you see that the color of your grout is beginning to change, you might need to maintain your pool. To clean the grout, use a shop brush after emptying your pool. That will enable the grout's dirt and grime to be removed by the strong bristles.

Faulty Pool HeaterNothing is worse than getting ready for a morning swim only to discover your pool is very cold. Either maintain your swimming schedule or return to your residence and put it on hold. In either scenario, you must determine the underlying cause of the problem. Your pool needs maintenance if the heater isn't functioning. Several problems, including the following, can lead to a malfunctioning pool heater:

  1. a faulty power source

  2. a poor filter

  3. defective pool pump

  4. faulty pool valves

  5. unsuitable temperature settingA faulty pool heater might be the consequence of any of these issues. However, you'll need to fix it, and you'll probably need to hire one of the best pool companies in Birmingham, AL, to find the problem and give your pool a full cleaning.

Green Liquid So, your pool's water appears green when you awaken? That is undoubtedly bad. It suggests that the chemicals in your pool are out of equilibrium. Many pool owners are affected by this problem since it may be difficult to keep your pool's chemical balance in check, especially if you're usually busy and don't have the time to do it. The majority of the time, a lack of chlorine makes algae in the water seem green. Engaging in a professional pool service would be easier; you can do this yourself.  If you solve the issue independently, we suggest checking the water using a test kit or strip first. When you have a basic understanding of chemistry, you may go to your local pool supply store to get the supplies and chemicals needed to solve the issue, which may involve pool shock.

Conclusion If you notice any of the following signs, your swimming pool may need repair or maintenance: cracks in the pool, leaks, low water level, dirty or cloudy water, or equipment that isn't working properly. If you're not sure what to do, it's always best to consult with a professional. With proper care and maintenance, your pool can provide years of enjoyment for you and your family. Residential landscapers with years of experience are available at DSLD Land Management in Birmingham, AL, and they can turn your yard into a lovely retreat. To receive a quote for a pool repair in Birmingham, AL, get in contact with our staff right now!

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