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Pool Maintenance: Guide to Selecting the Best Pool Cover

Updated: May 15

Choosing the best pool cover for your swimming pool is an important decision for maintenance, making your pool clean and safe. A pool cover can help reduce the maintenance required to keep your pool in good condition and prevent debris and animals from entering the pool.  In this guide, we will discuss the different types of pool covers available, the benefits of each, and provide tips on choosing the best pool cover for your needs.

Styles of Pool CoversPool coverings come in three primary categories:

  1. Solid coverings—Completely enclosing pool covers are constructed of a solid substance, typically vinyl, and are intended to do just that. If you live in a region with a lot of snowfall, choosing this option will prevent damage to your pool.

  2. Mesh coverings—Made from a fine mesh material, these covers keep leaves and other debris out of your pool. They are excellent at maintaining the heat in your collection.

  3. Solar coverings—To keep your pool warm by trapping solar heat. They are excellent at avoiding evaporation and cutting back on chemical use.

Pool Coverings That RetractThere are several options available on the market for pool covers. Which one, though, is best for your inground pools? When choosing a pool cover, there are numerous things to consider. It will be helpful to bear the following in mind: Your swimming pool's type: A range of styles and dimensions are available for in-ground swimming pools. Above-ground swimming pools frequently have a round or oval shape. Make sure the cover you select is intended precisely for the kind of pool you have. The environment: If you are in an area with severe weather, purchase a cover that can endure it. A pool cover can be gravely harmed by strong winds or heavy snowfall if not built to resist the weather. Depending on your financial situation, pool covers can cost anything from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Before you begin looking, it's crucial to consider how much you're willing to spend on a cover.

Pool Auto CoversAuto pool covers are a fantastic option for those who prefer the ease of a cover that can be opened and closed at the touch of a button. Mesh, solar, and solid are just a few materials that can be used for these coverings.

a. SolidSolid covers are the most resilient choice and offer the best defense against debris, animals, and leaves. But, if you live in a warm location, you might want to select a different form of cover as they can trap heat beneath.

b. MeshTo prevent leaves and other debris from your pool, you may wish to install a mesh pool cover. Also, it enables rainwater to drain so that it won't collect on top of the body.

c. Solar Solar coverings can help heat your pool by absorbing sunlight and dispersing it to the water below. Also, they lessen evaporation, which means you will eventually lose less water to evaporation.

Suggestions For In-Ground Pool CoversEach owner of an inground pool should consider a collection to cover a significant investment. It's crucial to conduct your research and select the pool cover that best suits your needs because various designs are available. The mesh pool cover is one of the most widely used styles of inground pool covers. The most excellent pool covers are made of mesh because they let water pass through while keeping clear the water of any leaves or other debris. Another significant advantage is how simple it is to install and delete them. Solid vinyl covers for inground pools are another standard option. Vinyl covers have the remarkable property of being incredibly strong and resilient. They are pretty simple to maintain and clean, so families with hectic schedules may want to consider them. If money is tight, you might consider buying an above-ground pool cover. Above-ground coverings don't provide the same level of protection as inground covers, although they are less expensive. Yet they're still a great choice if you're searching for something more reasonably priced. Measure your pool before making a purchase, regardless of the style of cover you select, to ensure you receive the proper size. Moreover, choose a simple body to put on and take off so that you may do both as needed and after swimming. You may select the ideal inground pool cover for your requirements by researching.

ConclusionA few factors must be considered while selecting the ideal pool cover for better cleaning. You must consider the kind of material you use, the size of your collection, and your living environment. We genuinely hope our advice has enabled you to focus your search and identify the best pool cover for your requirements. DSLD Land Management is a full-service design/build landscape contractor firm. Contact us if you need covers for your inground pools in Birmingham, AL!

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