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A Guide to Finding the Best Cover for Your Inground Pool

Updated: May 15

Swimming in an inground pool helps you cool off during summer and make memories with your loved ones. It also offers convenience and can be an excellent property investment.  However, you should remember that owning a swimming pool also requires regular maintenance. Getting a pool cover is one of the most efficient and effective ways to keep it clean.  If you want the best decision for your inground pool, this article will discuss why you should get a pool cover, the different types, and some crucial tips to remember. 

5 Reasons to Get an Inground Pool Cover While pool covers may not be mandatory, they can help you save time and money from deep cleaning schedules. This section will enumerate why you should get an inground pool cover. 

1. Save EnergyPool covers work best for preserving the warmth generated by the heater if you’re using your swimming space for heating. Solar covers are best because they trap the sun’s heat and transfer it into the water, providing a natural and efficient method to keep the pool’s temperature comfortable. 

2. Keep It Clear of DebrisInvesting in a pool cover can save time from scooping out twigs, leaves, toys, and bugs before swimming. You only need to cover when you’re not using it and remove it when you’re ready to swim. 

3. Minimize EvaporationThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that an uncovered pool can lose 12,000 to 31,000 gallons of water yearly from evaporation. You can significantly reduce evaporation by covering up a swimming pool when you’re not using it. 

4. Reduce Chemical Use You can save money by investing in pool covers because they reduce ultraviolet (UV) light and chlorine use. You can also use the home equity for your new pool! 

5. Ensure Safety You can prevent accidents by investing in pool covers. Contractors create these safety barriers from mesh or solid material and have straps to keep people or animals from falling in. 

4 Types of Inground Pool Covers After enumerating the five benefits, here are four types of inground pool covers to consider. 

1. Automatic CoversAutomated inground pool covers have a system with gears that move along two tracks installed along the pool’s inside edge or deck. When you activate it, the cogs will roll the cover on or off the area, making it easier to shield your swimming space. While it may be a convenient way to protect your pool, its installation costs can be costly because of the two tracks required. 

2. Safety Covers Inground pool owners usually use safety covers to prevent young children or pets from drowning. They’re available in mesh and solid forms. Mesh covers are lighter and allow rain and melted snow to drain into the pool, while solid ones are heavier and can be a durable barrier. 

3. Solar Covers Solar-powered covers are a cost-effective way to keep your pool clean and warm. They look like a sheet of plastic bubbles and are available in different colors, thicknesses, and sizes. 

4. Winter CoversWinter pool covers are the least expensive option that protects your swimming space during the cold season. They’re usually available in polyethylene. 

Crucial Notes to RememberCorrectly using inground pool covers can prevent accidents and drowning. When choosing the best pool cover for your swimming space, you must pick one that fits your needs, such as safety for young children or pets. Whether you want a rigid, automatic, solar, or security cover, always select a high-quality and durable option. That way, you make the best decision for your swimming space.

To CloseAn inground pool cover can help owners keep their swimming space clean and safe. You can enjoy these benefits by selecting the best option for your needs and working with reliable contractors.  If you need covers for your inground pools in Birmingham, AL, work with DSLD Land Management! We are a full-service build landscape contractor firm committed to helping our clients enjoy a more comfortable swimming space. Reach us now to learn more about our services!

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