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Tips To Design Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Updated: May 15

There’s no better way to bring family and friends together than with food, football and the outdoors. With fall just around the corner, now is an excellent time to start planning your outdoor kitchen. If you’re looking to spend more time outside or just to enhance the value of your home, start by adding an outdoor kitchen. However, creating your perfect outdoor space takes some time and planning. Here’s some tips to help you get started.

Access your Outdoor SpaceCan your backyard access necessary amenities like electricity, gas, and plumbing? The first step in planning your outdoor kitchen is determining how these amenities can integrate into your yard. Another thing to consider is your lighting. Lighting is crucial to see to cook and eat at night, plus it adds some ambiance. You can find more ideas on outdoor lighting here.

Plan your ZonesAs you would with an indoor kitchen, you need to plan your layout based on traditional kitchen zones. These zones include your prep zone, cooking zone, plate and serve zone and entertainment zone. Defining these areas creates a pleasant experience for both the cooks and guests.Prep Zone: The prep zone is usually placed next to the cooking zone for easy transfer of food. At the very least, this zone includes a sink, ample counter space, and a trash can.Cooking Zone: The cooking zone includes your grill, burner, or any other outdoor cooking appliance you desire.Plate and Serve Zone: This zone is most useful when placed between your cooking zone and your entertainment zone. This area should be spacious enough to allow your guests to comfortably prepare their meals. Warming drawers or food warmers can also improve the outdoor dining experience.Entertainment Zone: Place this zone away from the cooking and prep zone. This zone typically includes compact refrigerators and ice machines. You can enhance this area by adding a wine cooler or a bar area.

Pick your AppliancesMake the most of your outdoor kitchen by adding appliances you can’t use indoors. Start by making a must-haves list. Some popular choices include a grill, sink, gas cooktop, or pizza oven. A beverage fridge is often used for entertaining your guests as the meal is being prepared. First, examine your own personal priorities and interests. Then pick the appliances that make the most sense for your backyard.

Increase the ComfortIf you have enough space, let your outdoor kitchen serve as a prep and entertainment area. Add an outdoor dining table and chairs for comfort and function. If there’s not enough room, add in a few bar stools to open counter space.

Weatherproof for Year-Round UsDon’t let the weather determine when you can enjoy your new patio. There are many ways to use your outdoor kitchen year-round. Adding a canopy will protect your appliances and furniture. Another idea is a screened-in porch. This allows you to enjoy your dinner bug-free and rain-free. As far as protecting your furniture, most metal, cedar, and all-weather wicker pieces can handle whatever nature throws their way.Get your backyard ready in time for the crisp weather by starting on your project today! If you’re not sure if you are utilizing the full potential of your space, consult a professional. The team at DSLD Land Management has years of experience in outdoor kitchen and entertainment areas. Contact us today to set your plan into action!

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