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The Various Kinds of Swimming Pools for Your Selection

Updated: May 15

When deciding on pool installation in Birmingham, AL, you must first consider what type you would like. There are various swimming pools, each with its benefits and drawbacks. You must also consider your budget, the size of your lot, local codes, and the availability of materials. Also, think about the maintenance required for each type of pool. Some pool owners regret owning a collection that requires many hours of maintenance work or expensive pool maintenance services. Here are some for your selection:

A Kiddie Swimming PoolThe cheapest option is the portable kiddie pool, which can be either an inflatable device or a rigid plastic shell that you can buy from a local supermarket or toy store. Pool installation is easy—just pull out and use it whenever hot weather arrives, then put it back in storage During the end of the season. Ensure you drain the pool after each use and keep an eye on the kids at all times—even very shallow pools can be dangerous.

A Lap Swimming PoolA lap pool is a long, narrow swimming pool designed for fitness and health. These pools are shallow and typically rectangular, not for diving or playing but for swimming laps. 

An Above-Ground Swimming PoolThese above-ground types symbolize attainable pool ownership. They are also a good option for cold-winter climates where maintaining an in-ground pool can be difficult. This style has both hard-sided and soft-sided options, and some pools are almost indistinguishable from more expensive in-ground pools.  In various climates, though, in-ground pools are drained and disassembled in seasons where they aren't needed. In this case, soft-sided above-ground types are excellent alternatives for pool installation.

An In-Ground Family Swimming PoolIncreasingly, swimming pools aren't just a luxury real estate market feature. In specific housing markets, especially in sun-belt areas, a swimming pool is now an expected feature for middle-class communities. Recreational pools are all about a broad, "for-all-ages" appeal. If you like to entertain and enjoy noise, activity, and excitement in your backyard, this may be the ideal pool for you—or at least your kids'.

An Indoor Swimming PoolAn indoor pool is located inside a building or house, under a roof, and is usually insulated by a minimum of one property wall. Indoor pools are typically simple, geometric shapes built for leisure or sport during the year, especially in colder seasons. Most of the time, indoor swimming pools feature a standard in-ground pool with a constructed glass enclosure that can cost an additional $10,000 to $30,000 for safety. Homeowners may similarly enclose an above-ground pool.

An Olympic-Sized Swimming PoolOlympic swimming is one of the most followed sports in the world and has the most significant number of events and participants from different countries. It's no surprise that aspiring Olympians and swimming fans get caught up in the big event and want an Olympic-sized swimming pool of their own. These pools are typically used for competitive swimming and must meet specific size requirements. Much consideration must be given before pool installation.

ConclusionLearn more about pool installation in Birmingham, AL, through DSLD Land Management. We’re a full-service building and contracting company that can help you navigate various pool options. Read more on our website.

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