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The Best Hardscape Materials for Your Garden

Updated: May 15

Landscaping is basically made up of two crucial elements, which are softscaping and hardscaping. The former comprises concrete, bricks, and stone, while the latter is all about the soft, growing stuff that you plant like shrubs, stress, and perennial flowers. Most people put a lot of effort and attention into choosing the right plants and how to grow them properly. While those are definitely the highlights of landscaping, hardscaping is also as important as the flowers, plants, and trees in your yard. This guide aims to show you the different hardscape materials that you can use in your yard. While there are several options available, choosing the right material can work wonders on your property.

BrickBrick as a material for buildings, roads, walls, and pathways has been around for centuries. They give you a semblance of stability and balance due to the specific patterns that it has. Whether you like your hardscaping to look formal or playful, bricks are perfect for it as they can be used either way. You can also save money on material by getting some used bricks. It’s currently a popular choice and a more environmentally friendly material since you’ll be re-using old but still good bricks for your outdoor landscape.

ConcreteConcrete is another popular choice due to its simplicity and availability. If you just want something simple to put in your yard, then getting concrete should be enough. However, concrete doesn’t have to be a dull and plain, cold slab. It can be stained, stamped, texturized, and embedded with other materials like pebbles and sea glass. This is a perfect way to spice things up, especially if you want something different but still use materials that are readily available around you.  Adding some flair to your concrete hardscape is great, but don’t think you can do it on your own. Concrete requires some technical know-how and skill to apply properly. If you’re starting a new project, it’s best to call in some residential landscapers in Birmingham, AL, to help you.

Composite DeckingIf you want to use wood as your material but are hesitant about it since it doesn’t exactly last long, especially if exposed to too much moisture, then composite decking may be better for you. Any form of decking that isn’t made of real wood or aluminum is considered composite or synthetic decking. This is significantly more durable and has a longer lifespan than natural wood. They’re also able to resist mold and rotting while providing good traction even without sanding or resealing. Composite decking is an excellent material to choose from, but it can be quite costly, so you consider your budget first before choosing this material.

StoneOf course, this list won’t be complete without stone, a naturally occurring material used in hardscaping for decades. Natural stone or flagstone is best utilized for outdoor patios, courtyards, and other areas where hardscaping fits so well. Unlike the smooth and uniform surface of concrete, brick, and other materials, stone is a bit more rugged with varying heights, weights, and sizes. These irregularities on the flagstone are what give your landscape a more rustic look.

ConclusionHaving a garden without proper hardscaping is not a garden at all. There needs to be something to complete the plants and greeneries you planted there. These hardscaping materials are perfect for any landscaping project, so make sure to choose one that suits your preferences and style.  DSLD Land Management is a full-service design-build landscaping firm providing exceptional service to our clients in Birmingham, AL. With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, our team has all the expertise and insight you need to make your backyard look stunning. If you need hardscape design in Birmingham, AL, DSLD Land Management is the one to call. Contact us today to learn more about our projects.

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