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Make Your Landscaping Work for Your Business with These Tips

Updated: May 15

You're probably wondering what landscaping can do to convert more customers. For starters, a landscape can make a space look more inviting and encourage guests to stay longer. A well-landscaped garden or yard draws the attention of passersby, and the addition of services you offer—such as lawn care and pool services—creates more opportunities for sales. Commercial landscaping doesn’t just cover the trees and shrubs. It covers everything from maintenance of plants to overall property management. Learning how to make your commercial landscaping draw in more customers is one of the keys to maintaining a quality business.

Add Different Types of PlantsAfter deciding on a landscaping plan, talk to a professional about what types of plants would look good in your garden space. If you’re not sure, you can always make a visit to a nursery or gardening center for guidance. The beauty of landscaping is that you can play around with it and experiment with different flowers and plants. Although, there are some that work better with each other and in various types of weather. For example, an American holly plant does well in the warmer months, whereas a hydrangea plant prefers seasonal temperatures.

Consider Your CustomersConsider your customers and how they relate to your landscaping. In a small business, it’s easy to have a lot of interaction with customers because they’re walking right through your garden. It may take some extra effort to place yourself in front of the customers in a large business. For example, a lot of people like to socialize while they’re waiting, so you can make yourself available outside your office with a comfortable chair. This way, you’re inviting customers in and making yourself available for anything they may need. If you’re landscaping is an outdoor space, you can make it more inviting by including a swing or hammock. This will allow customers to take a break and get comfortable in a decorated space.

Add Decorative FeaturesDecorative features do more than make your business look nice. They can also help emphasize what you’re trying to sell. For example, if you sell swimming pools, you can add a water feature to show off your products. You can also add colorful flowers to emphasize your ability to make your clients’ yards beautiful. Decorative features like these aren’t just for display. They can also create an inviting atmosphere for people to socialize and interact. If you haven’t tried out a water feature before, you should definitely consider adding one.

Have Proper Outdoor LightingLandscaping and lighting go hand-in-hand. For a small business, your landscaping adds color and decor to your property. It also helps set the tone for your business. For a large business, your lighting can be a little more complex. Proper lighting can draw the attention of passersby. Even the slightest changes can make a big difference in how your business looks to a passerby. As you’re planning your lighting, think about how you want to show off your landscaping. Some lights are designed to look like fireflies, and others can be used to highlight certain plants. You don’t want to overwhelm your landscaping though, so keep it simple and let your plants be the star of the show.

The BottomlineCommercial landscaping is a great way to draw attention to your business, show off your products and services, and help you build a relationship with your customers. Keep your landscaping simple, include different types of plants, consider your customers and their wants, and highlight your business with decorative features. DSLD Land Management can help you with commercial landscape design in Birmingham, AL. We have established an excellent reputation as a prominent design/build company in the area. Contact us today. 

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