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Landscaping: Different Types That Can Increase Your Home's Value

Updated: May 15

For many homeowners with enough land around their homes, getting professional services for landscaping is one of the things they can do to enhance the value of their homes. You can go for highly designed landscaping, using a blueprint and plans, and hiring the best landscape designers. Frequently, homeowners who go for landscaping do so to create a beautiful garden, hence the use of the term beauty landscaping. For example, homeowners may choose to have water fountains, fish and bird ponds, and artistic lighting, among other features in their landscape.  In this post, your trusted landscaping company in Birmingham is going to take a closer look at the types of landscaping you might want to consider for your grounds:

Types of Landscaping

XeriscapingXeriscaping is a landscaping technique. The word xeriscape is derived from the term xeros, which refers to the dry Greek land, and the word scaping refers to the type of landscaping done in dry areas. This is landscaping that is often done in dry areas, and therefore, the main idea with this type of landscaping is to minimize water usage, thus making it possible to carry out the landscaping without having to rely on additional resources. Instead, the focus is on hardscape, which may include:

  1. patios

  2. retaining walls

  3. walkways

  4. areas covered with small rocks

  5. large rocks

  6. small ponds

  7. fountains

SoftscapingThis particular kind of landscaping is the opposite of hardscaping. Softscaping is landscaping that is done with the main focus on the use of plants. This form of landscaping requires watering. It is vital that you ensure that the plants used are chosen in such a way that they can survive in your intended location. The best type of plants to use for softscaping are perennials, plants that can survive for a long time in one location. The use of perennials prevents the need for repeated replanting, thus saving you the time and cost involved in such procedures.

How Much Will It Cost to Change Landscaping?The cost of landscaping can vary depending on the type of landscaping you choose, the size of your home, and the materials used. It is important to lay down your landscaping budget before starting any work to make sure that you can stick to what you can afford. Most landscaping projects can be completed within a few weeks; however, this will depend on the size of the project, the condition of your lawn, and the weather. If you have a small project and there is good weather, you could finish it in one weekend.

How Do I Find the Right Landscaping Contractor?The most important thing is choosing a landscaping contractor with a good reputation. There are many ways you can check the reputation of a landscaping contractor:

  1. Check with neighbors and ask them who they use.

  2. Check the internet, especially their social media and website.

  3. Check with the better business bureau.

  4. Check their license at the local city office.

  5. Check with the local master gardeners.

ConclusionLandscaping, regardless of the size and design, can quickly increase the value of your home. The potential of your landscaping depends on the expertise of the contractor and the materials used. Above all, the design of your landscape should incorporate the existing structure of your home. An established landscape design company in Birmingham like DSLD Land Management can help you achieve what you want for your landscaping.  DSLD Land Management offers the services of expert residential landscapers in Birmingham, AL, who can transform the look of your yard into a beautiful oasis. Get in touch with our team today to get a quote!

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