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Landscapers: Questions You Should Ask before Hiring

Updated: May 15

Using a qualified, experienced landscaping company for one's upcoming project makes sense. But not all landscapers are created equally. Selecting a business that can meet all of your demands is crucial. Here are some essential inquiries to put to landscaping contractors so you can pick the best company for your project.

1. How Long Does the Project Will Take?Any home repair project could always run into unforeseen problems or bad weather. It can take time to predict the completion dates of landscape projects. Any deadlines you set for yourself should be communicated to your contractor, but be willing to be flexible if unanticipated events arise.

2. How Long Have You Been In Business?One of the most crucial questions you can ask a landscaper is how long they have been in business. Superior craftsmanship and quality will lead to satisfied repeat customers rather than poor craftsmanship and quality leaving a company battling to survive.  With landscapers working in the industry for a long time, you can be sure that you are in good hands because they are more likely to have a history of success and a more comprehensive range of experience.

3. Do You Have a Portfolio of Your Work?The information in a landscape designer's portfolio reveals a lot about them. It enables you to assess the capabilities of the business. You can hire the contractor with confidence if you like what you see. You should be wary if a contractor won't give you a portfolio; something is probably wrong.  They might be inexperienced or lack particularly noteworthy work. These two outcomes are not desired. A reliable contractor will be happy to show you their work, and most will have it available on their website.

4.  Are You Licensed?Your contractor needs to have the necessary documentation and be registered and bonded. Additionally, they need to be able to show written documentation of their insurance. You should also look into their safety record and determine if they have affiliations or certifications. Find out if any subcontractors will work on your property and their status.

5. Do You Provide a Warranty or Guarantee on Your Products and Labor?Reputable landscaping businesses routinely offer warranties on their labor and supplies. Different insurance companies will have additional terms and coverages. Indicate what is and is not covered and how long the range will last.  In your selection process, a company's refusal to offer a warranty on finished work should raise a red flag because it shows that they do not vouch for or believe in their work.

6. Do You Have a Specialist?They sometimes need to learn the solutions. Experienced contractors look to industry experts for advice in areas where they lack expertise so that their clients receive the best service possible. If your potential landscaper collaborates with experts, it may lead to a more detailed design for your project.

7. Who Can I Contact Throughout the Entire Project?Excellent customer service is necessary to maintain clear, constant communication. Your experience will be more enjoyable and straightforward if you select a landscape provider with a designated account representative.  A single point of contact for your project within the organization reduces the possibility of misunderstandings and ensures that it receives the consideration and execution it demands.

ConclusionWhen you meet with a landscape constructor, be sure to ask them about the kind of materials they will use, their experience and qualifications, the timeline for completion, and the cost of the job. Asking questions like these will help ensure your project is successful and results in a beautiful outdoor space.  DSLD Land Management is a landscape contractor providing various outdoor services, from initial consultation to construction and installation. We have extensive experience working with residential and commercial clients and pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective solutions that meet their needs. Contact us now!

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