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Is a Garden Fountain Right for You: Here’s What You Should Know

Updated: May 15

A water feature in a landscape design is almost inevitable. Water features add a touch of beauty to every landscape design, and a garden fountain is an excellent choice. Water fountains are also a popular choice for homeowners because they’re less labor-intensive. 

The Beauty of a Water Fountain in Your GardenIf you’re still debating whether you should have a water fountain installed in your home, you’re on the right page. Here, you will know everything about it and why it’s an excellent idea to have one as part of your landscape design.  Water fountains add a little bit of drama and peace to the garden. The moving water is incredibly relaxing and creates a great sensory experience you can enjoy. Water fountains stand out from other water features because they provide visual interest and natural sounds.  You can have garden fountains designed to look more luxurious and dramatic, while you can also maintain a simple aesthetic, if you prefer. 

The Right Garden Fountain for YouThere are two basic types of water fountains you can use for your garden today. The first one is a free-standing fountain with a collection pool around the base. A free-standing fountain is typically installed on a base of river rock and surrounded by plants. It’s a good option if you want a simpler and more natural look. This type of fountain is best placed near a sitting area or walking path.  The second type of garden fountain is a wall-mounted one. It is built into a wall, and you can choose to have the water drop from a spout into a collection basin or have the water seep out onto a rock face quietly. 

The Best Location for Your Garden FountainLocation is everything when it comes to installing a garden fountain. The good news is, a professional landscaper can help you find the best spot in your garden. The perfect spot is the first consideration before you can choose the right fountain to use. That way, you get the right size and style that will suit the space wonderfully.  For example, if you have a very large garden, a big fountain may act as a centerpiece, while a small, simple fountain will be ideal if you only have limited space. The rule here is to put the fountain in a spot where it can be appreciated from different viewpoints.  Another element that concerns the location of your garden fountain is the sound level. Too much splashing may water your nearby plants, and we all know this isn’t the best idea because they may cause overwatering and eventually cause the plants to die. Let your landscape designer find the proper water pressure for the right splash. Doing so will keep the sound levels reasonable. 

Have a Water Fountain Installed in Your GardenA garden fountain is undeniably a fantastic addition to any home. However, it requires proper planning to ensure you get the right one for your property. Consulting with a landscaper will ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.  DSLD Land Management can help you with water garden design in Birmingham, AL. We are a full-service design and build landscape firm. Contact our experts today for all of your landscape design needs!

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