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How to Achieve the Ideal Pool Environment at Home

Updated: May 15

Having a pool at home sounds nice, doesn't it? From backyard barbeques to lazy weekends, there are countless activities you can do by the pool to have fun and relax. However, although a pool is undoubtedly an excellent addition to any home, they don't always live up to homeowners' expectations. The pool location and landscaping are poorly planned in some cases, causing more stress than enjoyment. Rather than creating fun memories by the pool, you have a big problem in your hands. Fortunately, you can still have your dream pool environment even if you were let down initially. There’s nothing expert landscaping and design can't fix! Before you call for aquascaping services, make sure to consider these elements to create a great pool environment:

1. Locate the Pool ProperlyIf you have an existing pool, it might be tempting to place it where you like, but you need to think twice about it. A pool will significantly change the landscape around it, so it's essential to consider the best location for your needs. When determining the location of your pool, keep these factors in mind:

Pool SizeThe pool's dimensions and location will define the orientation of the landscaping design. On the other hand, a small pool can create a more intimate vibe.

Pool DeckThe deck should be designed to match the pool. A larger pool will require a larger deck to match its size.

Pool ShapePool shape can also affect the design of your landscape. A rectangular pool needs to be lined up with the house, but a free-form pool can create a more natural atmosphere.

The Direction of the SunThe pool location is not only affected by the size and shape of the pool but also the direction of the sun. A pool situated in the west will get more sun exposure than a pool in the east.

2. Design the Landscape Around the PoolThe landscape design is a vital part of the aquascaping service. It's not just about creating a beautiful sight; it's about creating a place you can enjoy with family and friends.

Pool Shapes and the Water FeatureThe pool and water features are the main elements in any pool design. A pool with an irregular shape will need to be designed better than a rectangular one. A well-designed water feature will make the pool stand out more. A pool with a small pond or water stream will significantly improve the overall design.

Decks and PavingThe deck can be arranged any way you like. However, the paving and deck must match the pool in terms of style. For example, a pool with a natural environment will require paving with natural stones and wood.

Swimming Pool FencingA fence or privacy screen can be used to create a comfortable and safe living environment around the pool. This will create a pleasant and intimate atmosphere.

3. Plan for an Easy MaintenanceThe aquascaping service is not only about improving the landscape—you also need to plan for easy and affordable maintenance so that your pool environment remains safe and attractive for years to come without too much work. The hardscape should be easy to maintain, from the paving materials to the decking, to ensure you will never have to deal with a cracked or rotten hardscape. With the right design and maintenance plan, you can have a pool environment you will enjoy!

ConclusionThe design of a pool can make or break your backyard. But, the good thing is that improving your pool environment is easy if you know what you want! As long as you consider the elements mentioned and work with a reputable company that offers excellent aquascaping services, you'll have an amazing pool environment in no time. If you’re looking for the best aquascaping services in Birmingham, our team at DSLD Land Management is just who you need for the job! As the world’s largest pool manufacturer, Desjoyaux has designed the best engineered and most efficient swimming pool. Call us today at (205) 437-1012 to learn more!

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