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Everything You Need to Know About Pool Cleaning Services

Updated: May 15

One of the most important things to consider when owning a pool is how you will keep it clean. Pool cleaning can be difficult and time-consuming, but there are a number of different systems that can make the process easier. Let's take a look at different kinds of pool cleaning services and what is best for you.

What Is Pool Cleaning?Pool cleaning is a process that helps to remove leaves and other debris from the pool, which can catch in the pool pump and filter and clog it up. It also helps to prevent algae growth. Pool cleaning services can be chosen so that a particular cleaning method is used, for example, you might have a company that uses vacuum pool cleaning systems or maybe an automated robotic pool cleaner.

Why Is Pool Cleaning Important?A clean pool looks great, but it also prevents damage to the equipment, which can be very expensive to fix or replace. You could also cause harm to the pool, or yourself if you neglect to clean it regularly. You might notice the pool pump and filter are running more often than usual, or you might see the water start to look "cloudy." Both of these problems can be fixed with a good pool cleaning service.

What Are the Different Kinds of Pool Cleaning?

1) Pressure Side CleanersOne of the most popular types of pool cleaning is pressure side cleaners. Pressure side cleaners are run by a self-propelled unit, which moves around the perimeter of the pool, using water from the pool to push it. While you must have a pool pump for this type of pool cleaning, you need not have a filtration system. Pressure side cleaners should not be allowed to run for long periods, as you could risk damaging the pool's walls or floor.

2) Suction Side CleanersUsually, a filtration system is required for suction side cleaners. This type of cleaning is done by a vacuum system that sucks up debris from the pool and then deposits it into the skimmer basket. The suction side cleaners are not as effective as other methods, since they tend to miss larger items like leaves. However, they don't need to be used very often, so you won't need to spend a lot of time cleaning the pool.

3) Robotic CleanersA robotic pool cleaner is a self-propelled unit that cleans the pool by itself. This can be quite expensive, but, if you are the kind of person who doesn't like to clean, this might be a good option. They work well on pool surfaces, but they are less effective on extremely deep pools, as they don't have any way of removing larger items. If you use this kind of pool cleaning, you must have a pool filtration system, as the cleaner will dump debris into the skimmer basket.

ConclusionPool cleaning can be a great way to save time and effort, but, if you don't have an automatic cleaning method, you might need to consider your schedule for the pool maintenance. If you want to try pool cleaners out for yourself, DSLD Land Management has all the equipment you need. We offer pool maintenance in Birmingham, AL to keep things in tip-top shape. Get in touch with us today!

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