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Easy Landscape Design Ideas to Improve the Value of a Home

Updated: May 15

Looking to increase your home's value before putting it on the market? Landscaping is a cost-effective way to improve your home's curb appeal and attract more potential buyers. These effective landscaping tips will help you boost your property value and get your home ready to sell!

Easy Landscape Design Ideas to Improve the Value of a Home

1 - Make Sure Your Lawn Is HealthyA brown or patchy lawn is a sure turn-off for potential buyers. If your lawn needs some TLC, you can add topsoil to the existing soil, aerate the soil and plant new grass, or replace the turf altogether.

2 - Use High-Quality LightingLighting is a great way to showcase your property at night. Choose lights that are energy-efficient and leave a soft glow through the windows. Make sure to use high-quality bulbs or LEDs to keep out bugs and save money on electricity.

3 - Add Privacy FencingLush hedges, tall fences, and trees can enhance privacy and give the appearance of a larger lot. Be sure to choose the right materials to fit your property's needs.

4 - Create Feature GardensPlant gardens around your home that are designed to entertain. Arrange plants in an attractive and decorative way to add curb appeal.

5 - Add HedgesThey sound like an afterthought, but hedges can create the illusion of a larger property. A row of bushes running alongside your driveway can give prospective buyers the impression that the home's footprint extends further back than it actually does.

6 - Make It ColorfulChoose a variety of plants for your garden, including taller and shorter varieties. This makes your landscape look more playful and interesting.

7 - Maintain Good DrainageProper drainage is a must for any landscaping project. Improper drainage can prevent water from draining away from your home, which can lead to erosion and basement water damage.

8 - Add Decorative FountainsFountains can add a touch of class and sophistication to your lawn. Level and packed soil is a must when installing water features. To keep the water flowing, run a garden hose across the top of the basin.

9 - Choose Plants That Bloom In Different SeasonsSeason-specific blooms add variety to your landscaping and give off a pleasing, colorful vibe.

10 - Add Decorative AccentsConsider using decorative vines or shrubs to break up the monotony of a property line. They can also make a large property feel more intimate.

11 - Add PathsPaths and patios give you a great opportunity to showcase your creativity. They also provide a way to show off the entrances of your home, as well as highlight unique features.

12 - Have a PatioPatios and decks are great accessory structures to have in your yard. Whether your patio is used for eating, relaxing, or entertaining, patios are among the most popular trends in home design today.

ConclusionLandscaping can greatly increase your home's value. In some cases, landscaping projects are even eligible for a tax deduction. To get started, speak with a professional landscaper about your options. You'll love the way your property looks and feels! If you are looking for a landscape architect in Birmingham, AL, contact DSLD Land Management. We are a full-service design/build landscape contractor firm ready to help you make your landscape look its best!

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