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Balance in Landscaping with Hardscape and Softscape Elements

Updated: May 15

Landscape design involves the arrangement of natural elements that provide both form and function to outdoor areas. It can produce beautiful lawns, gardens, backyards, and patio spaces. Good landscaping adds value and functional design to the surrounding areas of a house or property. In this short guide, we’ll take a look at creating basic landscape designs and its main elements.

The Main Elements of LandscapingLandscaping is composed of hardscape and softscape elements. Hardscape refers to hard landscaping material such as rocks, stone, concrete, bricks, and gravel. Softscape elements are delicate, organic, and growing materials like grass, plants, flowers, trees, and other types of greenery. You need both to provide a valuable landscape to the surrounding areas of a house or a building.Often, a proper balance between these two elements must be achieved. Both of them provide functional and decorative elements for front yards, backyards, or gardens.  Some may have more hardscape material, such as a front lawn with a garage or a driveway. Others may have more green elements, such as trees and different types of plants. Often, the balancing of both elements will depend on the area and function of the land.

Balancing Your Hardscape ElementsHardscape elements represent the inorganic and static forms and structures that help in the layout against the living greenery. They are usually part of outdoor living spaces. They are also secondary decorative elements that support and separate the softscape material. Hardscape landscape elements such as retaining walls, planters, paths, and driveways serve a specific function for separating soil and plants. They also provide paths for people and vehicles. Other common hardscape elements are sidewalks, garden paths, garages, or driveways in front of the house or lawn area. A combination of these items is used for outdoor living spaces, such as covered patios. When creating these outdoor spaces and landscapes, you want to balance both, which is sometimes difficult. You can do it as a project with minimal help or employ the services of a landscape management company if you are not confident in your skills.

Sorting Out Your Softscape ElementsSoftscape elements beautify all types of landscapes with living organic elements. They are dynamic and ever-growing and can populate an entire landscape. Softscape items need maintenance to grow and expand in the right way. Some of the greenery used in your landscape provides positive energy, such as flowers and decorative plants. Meanwhile, other plants and trees provide fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs. It is a good idea to use and balance both and get something out of the maintenance and care of these plants.

Final NotesA great landscape involves proper design and balance. Both elements provide advantages other than great design and aesthetics. Plants provide fresh air, produce, and beauty. Structures add function and allow living spaces to thrive. These elements form a fusion fit for your surroundings.DSLD Land Management has created some of the best landscapes and outdoor living spaces. Call us for exceptional landscape design services in Birmingham, AL. Our past work speaks for itself. 

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