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Average Cost of French Drains in and around Your Home

Updated: May 15

There are many places around the home where french drains can be installed. It includes the patio, the yard, and more! However, there are simply some places where french drains are more effective. For example, one may find french drains work better outdoors on slopes, or some may find the gutters better sitting around the perimeter of the home's foundation. That said, effectiveness isn't the only factor that's affected by the french drain's location. Another factor is also affected by this, and it is a concern that you may be having right now: cost. Different locations for french drains have different costs, which you must consider. As such, we want to share with you the approximate costs you can expect out of your french drain installations in different places in your home.

1. The YardOn average, you can expect to pay anywhere from twenty to thirty dollars per linear foot of french drains. This is, in fact, one of the cheapest french drain installations you can make, and it is also one of the most common ones. This is because not only is the yard easily accessible, but it is also the yard that needs a pretty good draining solution. Water buildup can be disastrous here, so french drains can be used to ensure that the yard will remain flood-free even in the heaviest of rainstorms.

2. The PatioThe cost to install french drains around the patio is slightly higher compared to drains in the yard at around thirty to forty dollars per linear foot. However, the reason you'd want to consider installing french drains here is that water loves to pool around the patio. This can lead to swampy yards that attract plenty of insects. As such, an excellent way to reduce the number of pests around your home, primarily if caused by pooled water around the patio, is to install french drains there.

3. The DrivewayThe cost to install french drains in the driveway is a lot more expensive than in many of the places you could install outside the home. Here, you can pay anywhere from forty-five to fifty-five dollars per linear foot. However, if you discover standing water in your driveway, installing them can help you save a lot of money in the long run. This is because water can easily damage the driveway, and as you might know, driveways aren't the cheapest to fix, let alone replace.

4. The BasementOne of the most expensive places you can ever install french drains is around the basement. Here, you can pay upwards of seventy dollars per linear foot. It is costly because getting to the area isn't as easy as other places like the yard. Plus, many factors need to be considered when installing french drains here to ensure it works effectively. Despite that, if you often experience flooding in your basement, you will want to install french drains and pair them with sump pumps. This way, your basement and home are kept safe from water damage.

ConclusionThere are other areas of the home you can install french drains in. They include under the sidewalk, under the deck, around the retaining wall, and more. That being said, you might not need french drains in all these locations, especially if you aren't experiencing any pooling or flooding in said areas. However, if there are such issues, we urge that you consider installing french drains. It might be an expensive investment initially, but in the long run, these drains will protect your home from water damages that can easily cost a lot more to repair than the cost to install french drains. DSLD Land Management is a full-service design/build landscape contractor firm, covering services including lighting, electrical, softscapes, and more. If you are looking for french drains in Birmingham, check out our drainage solutions today!

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