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5 Landscape Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Updated: May 15

Your home’s appeal is the combination of its façade and landscaping, so it’s crucial to pay attention to both. However, your landscaping can add much more appeal to your home while infusing it with a touch of Mother Nature, offering a respite from living in a concrete haven. Still, it involves much more than mowing your lawn; you’ll need a landscape architect to arrange everything artfully and truly highlight the beauty of your home. Landscaping isn’t easy, so many homeowners are prone to making many kinds of mistakes that will affect the lush greenery that your yard or front lawn can offer. Here are the most common landscaping mistakes to help you avoid them:

Not Pruning a Shrub at the Right TimePruning your shrubs, particularly forsythia bushes or flowering quinces, at the wrong time may remove the buds that would otherwise bloom into stunning flowers when spring arrives. Although the magnificence they provide is brief, it makes your home stand out with such lush blossoms to admire. However, pruning them at the right time will ensure that your shrubs soak up all the loveliness of spring and unfold into gorgeous blooms. 

Cutting Your Grass Too ShortMany homeowners make the mistake of cutting their lawn too short, ultimately scalping the grass. Although it may offer a neater appearance, it may invite more diseases in your grasses, as they need to be at a certain height to be healthy. There are specific heights that some grasses must remain at, so you’ll want to contact landscape services to make sure you mow your lawn correctly.

Failing to Trim Your HedgesGrowing a hedge is a great way to create a natural partition between your and your neighbor’s properties, serving as beautiful boundaries that add a nature-infused touch to your home. However, forgetting to trim your hedges will lead to them growing out of control, producing an unkempt appearance. Be sure to cut or shear the hedge to avoid it from growing too wildly, as it will also keep weeds under control. Additionally, keep baby trees away from your hedgerow, as they can spoil its appearance and damage your shrubs’ roots.

Arranging Trees and Shrubs SymmetricallyHumans are naturally inclined towards symmetry, so it makes sense to arrange your trees and shrubs as such to add more refinement and style to your landscaping. However, these quickly grow uneven, especially when you don’t prune them, so they all match. Instead, explore artfully asymmetrical landscaping, which will add more personality and uniqueness to your home. It also allows you some room for error, especially if you keep a hectic schedule and you’re too busy to prune your shrubs. Alternatively, you can also hire a landscape design company to fix it for you.

Adding Too Many TchotchkesThere’s nothing wrong with adding a little flair to your lawn. However, avoid adding too many decorations or tchotchkes to it, as it will eventually become eyesores in your landscaping and spoil the overall design. Instead, use ornaments sparingly, as less is definitely more when it comes to prettifying your lawn. Additionally, avoid using low-quality decorations, as they can make your yard look cheap and tacky, detracting from the vision you had for it.

ConclusionDesigning your lawn is a fascinating process, but when things go wrong, it’s easy to get discouraged. By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn that will contribute to a stunning façade. DSLD Land Management is a landscape design company in Birmingham, AL, providing a variety of outdoor services that will help you create the landscape design of your dreams. From the initial consultation to build out, including construction and installation, we’ll give you a lawn that will make your property stand out. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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