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Why You Should Include Water Features in Your Garden

Updated: May 15

Enhancing your garden space can transform your ordinary outdoor space into something serene and beautiful. You can do this by adding a landscape water feature to your patio or garden. The design can be traditional or natural, or even modern. You can also incorporate more than one water feature in your garden, depending on what you want. So to help you understand, here are five reasons why you should include water features in your garden.

They Make Your Garden Look BiggerWhen you have a small space, adding a water feature, such as a pond or a fountain, can make your garden look larger. But if you already have an enormous area outdoors, a pond or a fountain can become the focal point in your garden. 

They Make Your Garden More PeacefulAdding a water feature in your gardens, such as a birdbath, fountain, or pond, is not only for decorative purposes but can also create a calming sound that makes your yard serene and more peaceful. So if you live near the city or a busy street, fountains or ponds can recreate the sound of nature right in the comfort of your own home. The sound of water can drown the noises from the cars, the street, and the neighbors, leaving you a more tranquil and peaceful place for your relaxation.

They Are Easy to MaintainWhen you install a water feature in your garden, you won’t need to worry about too much maintenance. You just need to make sure that you regularly remove small debris and keep it clean to lessen algae buildup. Regularly cleaning and polishing the rocks, stones, or gravel can help prevent any blockages that might damage your water feature. And if you have plants and fish in your pond, you also need to maintain them.

They Can Include Affordable Pond PlantsWhen you finally install a pond in your garden, the next thing you need is to put fish and pond plants that add the natural element into your water features. Some of the pond plants you can use include water lilies or water lettuce. If you’re near the sea, you can pick up small shells, sea corals, seaweed, or any aesthetically pleasing water plants that you can put in your fountain or pond. Just remember to put vitamins and sea salt into the water if you want these marine organisms to thrive in your water features.

They Can Attract Birds and Other WildlifeWhat’s great about having water features in your garden is that they can attract all sorts of birds and other wildlife into your outdoor space.  You can install a water feature like a birdbath that specifically attracts birds. It gives those feathered creatures a fresh and clean source of water supply for bathing and drinking. The more water features you have in your garden, the more wildlife you attract to your outdoor space. And if you also have a lot of plants and trees, you can ultimately welcome more creatures by providing them with shelter.

ConclusionAdding water features to your garden can truly transform your regular outdoor space into a source oasis not just for you and your family but also for birds and other wildlife species.  DSLD Land Management is a full-service design and build landscape contractor that offers aquascaping services in Birmingham, AL. Let us plan your next landscaping project. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

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