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What You Can Get Out of Outdoor Lighting and its Trends

Updated: May 15

While you’re enamored by the interiors of your home, you might also be wondering if you’re making the most of your outside space. Your home's outdoor space should be treated as an extension of your interiors. This could be done easily with the correct lighting. Outdoor lighting fixtures can provide depth and ambiance to the outdoors by emitting either dazzling or soothing light. Read on to learn more about outdoor lights and all the benefits you could get from them.

The 6 S’s of Outdoor LightingExterior lighting fixtures have grown into low-cost design elements that can help transform your outdoor space into an extension of your house. Patio and landscape lighting are increasingly being used by homeowners to improve their outside living spaces. There are simply so many reasons to convince you why you should invest in outdoor lighting. Here are the six S’s of outdoor lighting:

1. Security Spotlights, path lighting, and outdoor wall lighting all have a purpose beyond aesthetics. Intruders will be unable to hide in a well-lit yard. In addition, timers and motion sensors can help deter invasions.

2. Safety At night, there is less chance of someone stumbling or falling off garden paths or walkways. A simple but effective strategy for avoiding errors.

3. StyleWhether it's day or night, lights will improve the mood and accentuate the natural beauty of your house. Landscape lighting can be used to bring attention to a tree or other landscape feature, to highlight your home's design, or to pay homage to history by utilizing old-fashioned gas lamps.

4. SpaceWhy bring the party inside after it's dark? Yards are made to be shared. It is safe to use at night with the proper external illumination.

5. SaleA well-designed outdoor space can considerably boost a property's value by improving its security, safety, beauty, and functionality. This results in an increase in home prices of between 8% and 10% and an approximately 80% return on investment.

6. SavingsYou can improve the aesthetic of your outdoor space while saving money with our selection of automated gas and LED lighting.

New Outdoor Lighting Designs to Match Your PersonalityWhat are your thoughts on the top 2022 outdoor lighting trends? Here are some creative outdoor lighting ideas:

1. The Copper-colored fixturesThis basic, traditional look is making a comeback. Copper fixtures are common in modern homes, which offer a sophisticated uptown loft and brewery feel.

2. The Path LightsPath lights are one of the most popular outdoor lighting solutions, whether they line your driveway or meander through your garden.

3. The Spot Lights Spotlighting is an artistic technique used to attract emphasis to elements that are visible during the day but come alive at night.

4. The Outdoor Party LightingOutdoor lighting trends include eye-catching light fixtures such as fire bowls, gas torches, and other unusual fire features. Dancing flames provide a pleasant, inviting atmosphere that will make your guests envious of your lovely home.

5. The Nighttime Gas LanternsSince the days of candles, traditional lanterns have been a part of the lighting industry. Despite their long history, gas lanterns are still popular today and will surely continue to be so in the future. Lanterns, whether placed on the wall, suspended from the ceiling, or hung from the ceiling, give a beautiful warm glow over your home. They're lovely any time of year, but especially on a snowy winter night.

6. The Wall Lights and DecorWall-mounted lights can be used to illuminate retaining walls, stone columns, and other vertical surfaces. These outdoor wall lights are perfect for lighting up walks and manicured areas.

7. The Waterproof LightsThese are typically floor lamps that look wonderful on decks, patios, and gardens. A collection of one-of-a-kind waterproof lamps could be regarded as a work of art.

ConclusionGiven these advantages, it's no surprise that more individuals are investing in outdoor lighting. While choosing the right lighting fixtures can be daunting, you do not have to stick to a single style. There are numerous options for incorporating exterior lighting into your landscape design! Now, get ready to illuminate your outdoor spaces and make the most out of your property. Are you looking for residential landscape designers in Birmingham, AL? DSLD Land Management is here to make your home or commercial property look even more beautiful. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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