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What Is the Best Landscape Lighting for Your Home

Updated: May 15

Landscape lighting definitely adds a pleasant and appealing effect to your garden and home. It enhances the beauty and decorations of your home’s exterior. Moreover, it prevents thieves from targeting your place, which adds more security to your home. However, in order for the landscape lighting to have a beautiful effect on your home, you have to pick the right one. There is a variety of landscape lighting that you can pick.

Kinds of Landscape Lighting

SpotlightsNothing can go wrong with a classic spotlight for your home’s exterior. It can be used in many different ways. The direction of the light will definitely result in a very dramatic change and effect on your home’s exterior decoration. They illuminate plants, statues, patios, walls, and many more! If you observe in public places at night, the spotlights are faced upwards. Pointing the spotlight upward will create a wall grazing effect, which accentuates the exterior design of your home. It is also very attractive and pleasing to the eyes.

Light PostLight posts are very beneficial for your home. They are usually mounted near your yard or patio area. It can accentuate your home at night, and at the same time, it provides light for those that are walking near your area’s path. You can partner up your light post with matching decorations and equipment, such as putting it near a bench, to show a more creative and appealing look. This will definitely improve the appearance of your home’s exterior.

Garden LightsAs the name describes, garden lights are placed in areas where you can emphasize the beauty of your plans. These kinds of lights usually have a mushroom-like shape, where the light goes downwards. The lighting it provides makes people notice the plants more. Garden lights are perfect for your garden, or on a pathway that is surrounded by plants. Not only do they give focus on the plants, but they also help people see the path they’re walking on.

Fixed LightingTo create a beautiful landscape, fixed lighting is one of the best choices. These types of lights are installed anywhere in your home’s exterior to light up your yard. Fixed lighting includes floodlights, landscape fixtures, and spotlights. You can usually notice fixed lighting in a person’s yard. They come in different sizes, forms, and designs. It would depend on how the person wants their yard to look. They are very appealing at night.

LanternsA classic lantern is definitely one of the best lighting choices you can install in your yard. There is a wide variety of lanterns that can fit your home. From modern to vintage, you won’t run out of options.  No matter what aesthetic your home’s exterior is going for, lanterns have something for you. They also serve as torches, which can help you see the pathway in your area. Not only are they very affordable, but they can also last for years!

Final ThoughtsThere are many options to choose from when looking for the perfect lighting for your home’s exterior. You can decide based on its functions or its appeal. You can go for something modern or something classic. No matter what style you’re going for, there is a landscape lighting option for you! To help you decide which kind of landscape lighting fits your home, you need help from professionals. DSLD Land Management is the best landscape contractor firm you can partner up with! We offer full services for landscape construction in Birmingham. To install landscape lighting in your home, contact us today!

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