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What are the Ideal Softscape Materials to Add After Winter?

Updated: May 15

A softscape is a landscaping phrase that refers to the vegetation or living components of a landscape design, and it can contain anything from flowers to shrubs, trees, and other plants. If you've decided to upgrade your softscapes this year, you might be asking when is the best time to grow your greenery. Planting certain items too early may result in failure to grow or even death; thus, making the best time selection possible is critical. There are a few items that you may safely plant in your gardens early in the season when the weather is still cool and overnight temperatures are near freezing.

1. Flower bulbsIf you want to plant flower bulbs in your yard this year, you can do it after the threat of the final frost has gone. Plant them earlier in the season to have enough time to develop and bloom by late spring or early summer. Each variety of bulb will have its own set of planting instructions, so always investigate the directions for the plants you intend to plant before you begin. Planting your bulbs sooner may result in a complete flower bed of vibrant, stunning flowers to enjoy when the weather warms.

2. Perennial GrassesLandscape grasses are another attractive option you can add to your soft scape list early in the season. You should check the instructions on the package or with the nursery or garden center staff to confirm the best time to plant your specific type of grass in your particular area. Perennial grasses that you can successfully plant early in the season include meadow rue, serissa, and sedge.

3. Hardy FernsHardy ferns that can be planted early in the year include ostrich fern, cinnamon fern, and maidenhair fern. Some ferns, like Christmas fern, can be planted in the fall, but care should be taken with these types of ferns due to the fact that they are particularly fragile. It is best to find a location where they will be protected as they grow and become established.

4. Ornamental GrassesThere are several types of ornamental grasses that you can successfully plant early in the season. These include "pinks," which are named for their pale pink flower spikes, and "bottlebrush grass," a type of grass that features long, soft brown hairs. Several different types of grasses have a mound shape, which adds interest and texture to a border or other planting area. These include "soft cloud," "prairie grass" and "fountain grass."

5. Other Perennial PlantsThere are several early-season perennial plants that you can plant safely early in the season. These include native prairie plants like coneflowers, prairie dropseed, and blazing star and native woodland plants like wild columbine, rue anemone, and large-leaf aster. You should also be able to successfully plant many spring-flowering bulbs like tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths.

The TakeawayIn many cases, you should plant these softscapes early in the season to give them time to become established and grow, but it is always best to research the specific instructions for the types of plants you choose. This will help you to make the best timing decision for your chosen plants and will help to ensure that they live a long and happy life in your garden. At DSLD Land Management, we can help guide you to the right hardscape elements your property needs. We offer tested and true commercial landscaping services in Birmingham, AL, that will make your front yard look more put together. Get in touch with us today to learn how.

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