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Top Tips That Make Your Landscape Design Look Luxurious

Updated: May 15

New or seasoned homeowners, pay attention—your landscape design is essential during the earliest stages of ownership. This feature establishes your ownership and gives you a place to unwind when you need it most—your front yard! A well-maintained landscape design gives your home more curb appeal and may trigger your neighbors to take on their improvement projects. Landscape design can also elevate the perceived value of your home and make owning it an even better experience, so here are some top tips that make it look luxurious!

Budget ItSetting aside an amount is crucial in every landscape design project, before and even after the work begins. You must plan how much you want to spend, what and how much landscaping costs, then execute accordingly. Don't skimp on quality because you may pay more in the long run: deep discounts could mean the workers will cut corners, resulting in pesky back jobs that eat up precious time. Budgeting also protects you from writing a blank check to your landscaper, as this move may cost you a fortune if you don't do due diligence on the services you expect. 

Plan ItWant a task done right? Then, do it yourself. Well, that’s partly the context in this case. Even if you hire contractors to work on your landscape design, you must first have a basic idea of how you will use your landscape and look.  Here are some questions for reference:

  1. Is the space for entertaining guests? 

  2. Is it for solitude? 

  3. Will there be other amenities such as a swimming pool, patio, gazebo, fence, fountain, or other hardscaping or water feature in your plan? 

  4. What color combinations do you find appealing? 

  5. How would you describe your style? Your replies to these questions will help define the boundaries of your landscape design. Your needs and preferences should be the driver of the design process, no matter who is drawing your plan.

Prioritize ItA master landscape design is a helpful tool to keep you focused and disciplined. However, it is also essential to decide how to prioritize the installation. You should decide what to install first and what to put off to a later date.  For example, the front yard should be your priority. It is the most visible part of the yard, and trees take time to grow. Conversely, a pool only sees seasonal use, so it is not a main priority for the backyard.

Install ItWhen finalizing your landscape design, you first need to install the patios, decks, fountains, etc., run the lighting and irrigation, plant the trees, shrubs, and perennials, lay down the sod, and —finally— plant annuals in appropriate areas.

Finally, Maintain ItOnce plants and other hardscape elements have been installed, you'll have to look for unique difficulties associated with new features. Learn how much water your new plants need when you first set them out and their complete watering requirements year-round. You'll also have to monitor your piped systems for leaks and damaged areas so that your new buildings, retaining walls, and concrete pavers will stay in good shape.

Landscape Design That Looks LuxuriousCreating a new landscape takes hard work, but it is rewarding. Following good planning, execution, and following up practices ensures that you will pay a fair price for a landscape that meets your needs and stays healthy for many years. Get in touch with DSLD Land Management for luxurious landscape design in Birmingham, AL! We offer a continuum of integrated construction services such as softscapes, lighting and electrical, and even waterscapes. Visit our website and find out about what we do!

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