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Modern Landscaping Essentials You Should Add to Your Home

Updated: May 15

If you’re planning to have a modern-themed home, not only should you plan for a good modern interior, but a good modern landscape. This can serve as the highlight of your home because this is the most noticeable area when people visit your place. Modern landscape design has a very minimalistic, clean, and refined aesthetic. It follows a very fresh and sharp theme that is very distinct in terms of appearance. One of the most important things achieved in modern designs is the maximization of every space and emphasis on negative spaces.  Here are some of the modern landscape essentials you should add to your home’s landscaping:

A Light and Neutral Color Palette

You could never go wrong with classic white when you’re going for a modern vibe. White is very complementary to outdoor spaces, and your home would look bright and clean. However, you should also add light colors that mix well with white because just a plain white color might make your home look too formal and uninviting. Neutral colors make your landscape brighter, and they look attractive and comfortable on sunny days too. For example, wood designs look good with green plant designs. Together, they can make a place neither plain nor boring.

Plants, Grass, Stones, and Ground Covers

Plants and grass can add a very earthy and refreshing vibe to your home. They are also very minimalistic and eye-catching—a famous element in modern houses. They can make the area less intimidating and add a little bit of texture to your area. Stones and ground covers are perfect partners for plants. They look good when combined together. For example, you can add a stone path in your lawn area, which adds more contrast. Moreover, you can add a ground cover—ground cedars, Japanese spurge, and heuchera—that can serve as borders. You can also add pebbles as a ground cover, which is good if you have a little pond in your area.

A Contemporary Garden

The best element you can add to your outdoor space is a very nice and well-made contemporary garden area. They add contrast and texture to your home while remaining minimalistic and clean. If you’re a busy person who might have a hard time taking care of plants, choose plants that are very low maintenance. Most low-maintenance plants have a very uniform look too, which is why they can suit the modern look of your area. Additionally, make sure that plant beds have straight and softened edges. To maintain the minimalistic and modern look of your area, go for green and pale-looking plants. They complement the neutral colors of your walls. Moreover, avoid mixing a wide variety of plants as it might not go with your modern aesthetic.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a person who likes minimalistic and clean designs, go for a modern theme in your home and exterior. Incorporate modern elements to make your home’s exterior clean and sleek. This will make your home more attractive and eye-catching. Are you going for a minimalistic look for your home’s exterior? Work with DSLD Land Management today. We are a Birmingham landscape construction firm that ensures the best construction services for our clients. Call us today!

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