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Installing Water Gardens: Important Facts You Should Know

Updated: May 15

It's easy to believe that water gardens are just for professionals. Soil-based plant cultivation is difficult enough, but adding hydroponics can make your lawn a bit tricky to handle. However, it’s not as hard as it might seem. A water-lily-filled yard must be tough to create and maintain, right? Definitely not. Gardeners of any skill level may take care of a water garden and take pleasure in the tranquil sounds and fauna it attracts. Check out our guide to water gardens for additional information.

What is a Water Garden?Water gardens are easy to create, including DIY in a small fish pond or built in a large atrium around a fountain. Pebbles and stones form the substrate in a typical water garden, and plants grow in pots or basins. Water is seen as a healing and aesthetic feature in a yard. They can enhance air quality and help plants resist pests and diseases. They are typically designed to be as low-maintenance as possible.

Types of Water GardensThere are many types of water gardens. The most common are in-ground basins and above-ground water ponds. In-ground water gardens can be designed to be hardy or stand-alone or as a feature of a bigger yard connected to an automatic filtration system. On the other hand, above-ground water gardens are also called terrariums, similar to greenhouses. They are large glass containers typically built over a frame, and they can be made large enough to hold fish. Below-ground reservoirs are more popular in regions where the ground freezes. These reservoirs can be as small as a large pond or as large as a backyard and require no machinery to construct, although they do need a great deal of effort to build.

Caring for Water GardensNew or professional gardeners can easily use these water gardens to cultivate a natural garden. They can even use the water gardens to cultivate fish easily and inexpensively. It’s a dynamic feature sure to make your lawn stand out. Thankfully, water gardens are considered low-maintenance and easy to keep clean. They require a lot of water, but you will have to do little work to keep them on track. Here are some tips you should consider to keep your water garden in good shape:

1. Maintaining the Water LevelYou need to keep the water level in range to maintain a water garden. Depending on their size, water gardens need to be topped off every week. Be sure to allow the water garden to dry out between top-offs.

2. Removing Problematic PlantsSometimes, unwanted plants can grow in your water garden and can take root unexpectedly. It's best to remove these by hand to prevent crowding in your pond, for aesthetic and practical reasons.

3. Protecting from CockroachesCockroaches are common in water gardens, as they generally enjoy the moistness of the environment. However, you should keep them at bay by placing various plants and flowers around the water garden.

4. Using MulchMulching your water garden is a great way to keep it healthy and appealing. Doing so will also help keep certain pests away and keep the water clean.

5. Placing a LinerA liner is a great way to protect and enhance the durability of your water garden. However, if you do not want to do that, you can also just place rocks and pebbles on the bottom of your garden.

6. Using a PumpIf your plants are grown in containers, you may need a pump in your water garden. These pumps are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, and they can also help prevent algae growth.

7. Maintaining the Water QualityThe water garden will have to be maintained on occasion, and you can do that by testing the water. If you’re unsure whether to treat the water garden, visit a local garden expert.

ConclusionInstalling a water garden can be an excellent idea for the novice gardener or even the experienced one. As long as you are careful when maintaining its different parts, it should last for years. Although the maintenance should be relatively easy to do, you will have to be careful when transplanting plants, removing fish, and changing the water. If you need experts on water garden design in Birmingham, AL, contact us at DSLD Land Management. Our landscape design projects are both high quality and low cost. The DSLD promise is to deliver great customer service with meticulous attention to detail, all-inclusive service, innovative solutions, and open communication to help you create and build the landscape of your dreams. See our happy customers' reviews and book an appointment with us today!

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