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How to Properly Manage and Maintain Water Garden Features

Updated: May 15

A garden by your backyard or front yard is always exciting and beautiful to wake up to every day. Who wouldn’t love the smell of fresh air and the sight of lovely flowers? If you want to make your garden more relaxing, adding the sound of water would surely level up your experience. It would also make your whole place look more elegant and breathtaking.  It’s easy to add garden water features—ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and the like. All you need to do is find the right contractor, and they can create a beautiful water garden design that you would treasure for a lifetime. However, the challenge is how you can maintain its spectacular view. When you fail to keep its look, you might end up with a failed investment over time.  Fortunately, there are landscape technicians who would take care of the inspection and cleaning for you. You only need to ensure that you schedule their maintenance regularly and call for frequent checkups. That way, you can spot problems as early as possible. 

How to Take Care of Water Features in Your GardenEven though professionals can take care of your water garden features, you must still know the basics of caring for your installations. Learning the details would help you understand their process and avoid getting scammed by contractors. Here are the essential things you must know about keeping them in good condition.

On Maintaining the PondPond maintenance is all about having the appropriate equipment to do the job. When maintaining a pond, you need to consider that its water has a good pumping, the air circulates appropriately, and the filtration system works effectively.  The most crucial factor is the size of the filtration system. It should match the water volume capacity of the pond. Otherwise, the filtration system would have a hard time performing its job. 

On Maintaining the Garden PondA garden pond has aquatic plants, like water lilies or lotuses, growing on it. Before installing the garden pond, your landscape technician should choose the ideal location for it. You must place them somewhere the plants can get enough sunlight every day. Direct exposure to sunlight of at least five hours daily would be good enough for them. Aquatic plants can also be considered sensitive plants. They would thrive more in still water, so avoid placing waterfalls or any source of turbulence near them as much as possible. Therefore, keep them away from fish too. 

On Maintaining the Koi Fish PondsIf you want to care for fish in your garden, it’s best to separate them from the previously mentioned aquatic plants. Fish love to nibble on plants, and the last thing you would want is for them to eat your beautiful aquatic plants.  Also, if you want a well-maintained koi fish pond, it should be in a good size and depth that could keep the fish swimming happily in the water for hours on end. Since fish produce toxins and the pond can house bacteria, you must get an effective filtration system installed. There should also be a quality aeration device to help keep the oxygen levels in good condition and circulate the area non-stop. 

On Maintaining Garden Waterfalls Waterfalls are the easiest to install and maintain among all the water features you can think of getting for your home. You must clean them out regularly to ensure that no debris is swimming on the water. Consider scheduling checkups and repairs when needed. 

ConclusionWater garden feature maintenance is all about keeping the water clean, free of debris and pests, and on a correct water level at all times. You must also pay attention to the water features and only let experts perform their maintenance. Checking on them weekly would be a good start. But the key to all is to make sure that you choose a quality and beautiful water garden design to look forward to lasting for a long time.  DLSD Land Management is Birmingham’s newest and most comprehensive pond and fountain resource center. We have various water features, plants, design accessories, and devices to enhance your water garden display. If you need a water garden design in Birmingham, AL, contact us at (205) 509-4694 or When we work, we assess your property's on-site factors, including form, function, and adding sustainable value to your home for long-term results.

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