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How to Make Your Backyard Pond Safe for Kids and Pets

Updated: May 15

Do you have young children and pets in your household? If so, you know that it's your top priority to keep them safe while allowing them to explore and have fun.  The backyard is one of the best spots in your home where both your kids and pets can have fun playtime. However, the yard can also be risky for them, especially if you want to have a pond or a water garden design in Birmingham, AL.  If you want a stylish backyard pond and waterfall while maintaining safety measures for kids and pets, then it's best to take proper procedures in minimizing any damage or harm your yard could cause. Below are a few things to keep in mind if you're planning to add a backyard pond or waterfall to your home. 

Understanding the Depth of Backyard Ponds and WaterfallsOne of the most common misunderstandings about ponds, particularly those with Koi, is that they must be several feet deep. While an outdoor pond should be deep enough to populate it with various fishes, avoid making it too deep so you can easily maintain it. 

Knowing the Safety Risks of Taking Care of Koi Fish Many ponds have Koi in them. Koi are gentle animals, and it's fun to feed them and watch them swim through caves, especially if you have children.  Because of their docile nature, you won't have to worry about Koi biting or attacking your children and pets. If you're concerned about your children or pets getting into the pond and touching the fish, the best thing you can do is add fences or obstacles around it, such as plants or larger rocks. One of the most common fishes usually found in a pond is Koi. Generally, they are calm fishes, so feeding and watching them can give you peace of mind.  

Safety Measures In Building Backyard Ponds Even though most backyard ponds are not as dangerous to children and pets because of their shallow depth, it's still important to be cautious. It’s best to take the appropriate steps to keep your children and pets safe at all times. Here are some pond safety precautions to remember: 

Place the Pond Where It’s NoticeableIt isn’t recommended to place your pond in a secluded area of your backyard. Instead, put it in a visible location from your home or patio. It allows you to keep an eye on your children and pets even if they do manage to sneak away from you.

Make Sure Your Pond Is Easily Visible Instead of putting your pond in a hidden area of your backyard, make sure to place it where you can easily see it from the inside. That way, it's easy to keep an eye on your children and pets if they wander near the pond. 

Opt for Secure Decorations If you choose to add ornamental features like statues or rocks, make sure you place them securely. After all, children are naturally curious about their surroundings, so there may be circumstances when they try stepping on the rocks. It is why it's necessary to make sure that your decorations are sturdy enough to hold their weight. 

Provide Landscape Lighting Landscape lighting can do wonders in installing a pond or waterfall in your backyard not only because they make the place safer at night, but the lights can also improve your pond's style. Residential landscaping may require the services of professionals, so you may check out companies who offer this near you. 

Conclusion You can stylize your yard with a pond and waterfall while also considering the safety of your kids and pets. Make sure to remember these safety tips if you're planning to avail of landscape design services in Birmingham, AL.  DSLD Land Management offers one of the best landscape design services in Birmingham, AL. Our water garden designers and fountain and fisheries experts are all seasoned professionals that understand the design, construction, and installation process. Give us a call today! DSLD Land Management 

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