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Advice for Protecting Your Plants This Winter

Updated: May 15

Here in Birmingham, we generally have a mild climate, but winter can be unpredictable as we’ve already seen this year. You need to protect your plants and other vegetation if you aren’t already. If you're noticing damage to your plants and wish you would've done something to protect them better, it’s not too late and you can do better next year too. Here are some ways to protect your plants and landscape from the cold, now and in the future: 

Prepare Your PlantsGood lawn maintenance for each season begins well before that season starts. Taking care of your plants and yard throughout the year, can help ensure strong, healthy vegetation during seasons with extreme conditions. This includes proper fertilizing and watering. 

Warm Them UpLet’s start with potted and hanging plants- they need to be brought inside. Many of them cannot withstand the cold temperatures very long. Thankfully, potted and hanging plants can be salvaged and will survive much better indoors. If you don’t want them in your living space, make sure to move them somewhere where they’re still receiving sunlight! The basement storage area isn’t a good place to store live plants that need sunlight to survive. Also, make sure they are somewhere where you’ll remember to continue watering them as needed. 

Mulch AroundFor plants that have to stay outside, like (obviously) those that are planted in the ground, add a layer of mulch around the base. It will do wonders for insulating- about 2-3 inches should do the trick. Mulch will trap heat and moisture at the base to protect the roots and maintain a healthy plant. Just remember to rake some of the mulch away when the temperatures begin rising again, or the soil and roots won’t warm as quickly as needed. 

Cover Young Trees and BushesYoung shrubs and trees are more susceptible to damage from weather and animals during the winter months. Make sure that young tree trunks have a protective cover around their trunks. Shrubbery and bushes can be covered on the coldest days and nights. You can buy covers specifically for this, or use things from around your house. Older, hardier trees in your landscaping should be just fine. For more information on preventing damage to trees and shrubbery, read this article from

Choose WiselyOur biggest piece of advice would be to choose plants appropriate for our Central Alabama climate. This is the easiest choice when it comes to thriving vegetation. Each area of the country is divided into a classification system by the USDA, known as the Plant Hardiness Zones. We recommend checking these out before purchasing any new plants for long-term landscaping. Protecting your investment on your plants and landscaping during the winter can be a lot of work. When you work with us for landscaping services in Birmingham, AL, we’ll take care of all the hard work for you, including recommending appropriate plants during the design phase. Give us a call today to discuss your landscaping needs! Now is also a good time to discuss your outdoor goals for 2021- are you ready for a swimming pool? want to discuss options for a total backyard “makeover”? Let us know! 

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