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7 Landscaping Ideas to Implement If You Have a Small Yard

Updated: May 15

Many of today's homes, especially high-rise residential homes and townhouses, often have little or no yard space at all. But if you want to have a perfect little outdoor space, don't worry! Landscaping is not only for wide, spacious yards. Regardless of the dimensions of your home, there is nothing stopping you from making it more appealing and desirable to live in. Remember, your space is the only thing that is limited, not the possibilities. In this article, we will go through seven things you can do to turn your little plot of land into the small yard you’ve always wanted.

1. Create a Vertical GardenIf there is not much ground space, make use of the walls and other vertical surfaces. With a few basic carpentry skills, you can create a standing garden with tiered beds or small pots. These will be perfect for those tiny plants like dwarf lady fern, bugleweed, blue moneywort, or weeping fig, among many others.

2. Make a Small NookYou need to have a focal point in your yard. It can draw the eye's attention and help outdoor spaces feel tidy. One great idea for this is a small nook with a round table and a couple of chairs where you can relax and bask in the sun. It can also be a small firepit surrounded by a long bench where you can sit and hang out with your friends.

3. Add HardscapeWhen people think of a small yard, they instantly think of a cramped area filled with plants and vegetation. However, having a few hardscaping elements can offer dramatic visual relief. These include short walkways, mid-height fences, benches, arbor, and more.

4. Designate ZonesEven if you do not have much space, you can still achieve this. Do not mix all your landscaping elements together because that will only make it appear smaller. Place all your furniture on one side, then all plants and other elements on the other.

5. Be Smart with Your Color ChoiceUse neutral or bright colors to create an illusion that your space is bigger than it seems. Not only that, these shades of colors will make your space feel warmer and more inviting.

6. Add Big Tropical PlantsThese plants will give your yard a lush, healthy appearance. Their big leaves assist to modify the size of a tiny backyard, making it appear larger, and their unique form adds to the area's "cool" appeal.

7. Reduce ClutterIf you already have such a small space, you have to make it look cozy, calm, and orderly. So, avoid being the neighborhood eyesore and hide unnecessary elements that may seem distracting, such as your barbeque grill, garbage cans, and garden gnomes, among others.

ConclusionMany people tend to overlook the importance of a yard. It is not just about having a fence or a few plants around. The appearance of your home’s exterior can boost its curb appeal and enable your family to experience a bit of the outdoors. So, go ahead and invest in your yard! If you are looking for landscape design services in Birmingham, AL, DSLD Land Management has everything you will need. We are a full-service contractor firm that can design and build the landscape of your dreams. Get in touch with us today!

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