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7 Avoidable Errors with Experienced Landscaping Experts

Updated: May 15

Landscaping can be such a great way to improve the look of any property. Most people would imagine picturesque fixtures, a freshly mowed lawn and a wonderful array of fences that beautifully frame and encase the home. However, that vision usually isn't brought to life due to a few mistakes made on the way.  If you want to create a great landscape design, it's best to turn to more experienced professionals who have expertise in creating a beautiful exterior for your property. By hiring these experts, you can avoid certain errors, such as:

1) Being Overboard on SymmetryHaving your landscape be as symmetrical as possible is a good way to end up with a design that is so boring it's hard on the eyes. It's much more pleasing to the eye to have a landscape that's a little asymmetrical and contains a variety of different elements. A landscape designer has a good eye on what arrangement would seem like a good variation.

2) Forgetting Trimming and Pruning Trimming and pruning are also important to maintain the appearance of your new landscaping. By not trimming plants, the overall appearance of your landscape will diminish. Plants will not look as healthy and you may also face more issues with disease and pests affecting your plants when they aren't pruned either. This mistake might cost you more in the end.

3) Skimping on Grass and Tree CareAnother reason to hire professional landscapers is that they know when your grass needs mowing or when it needs to be aerated. You might not be able to tell if your grass is getting too tall, or if it just needs extra attention. The same goes for the health of your tree. Luckily, a landscaping expert understands how to deal with the issues.

4) Including Too Many DecorationsHaving too many decorations or elements can draw attention away from the house, such as a busy fountain or a giant bird bath in your front yard. So, if you want something that has a lot of character and is eye-catching, it's better to place that element away from the main view of the house like the backyard.

5) Keeping Imperfections in ViewHave you ever seen a landscape with a cute little winding path, only to find out that it ends at a pile of bricks? It's an extreme example, but you get the point. The front of your property should look as close to perfect as possible. Luckily, a landscaping expert is nothing if not consistent with how your home is framed.

6) Getting Fences Installed Too QuicklyA new fence can make your property look complete from the outside. But it's important to ensure that you are happy with the type and placement of your fence before you have it installed. It's best to have the landscaper there when the fence company comes so that you can have a mix of opinions on where the fence should be placed.

7) Having Plants Outgrow Their SpaceLandscaping experts are familiar with the beauty of certain plants, but they also know when a plant is growing too quickly. If a plant has outgrown its space, you'll have to take action to ensure that the plant stays healthy and beautiful. You might have to move or replace your plant, prune it or even transplant it.

ConcluDSLD Land Management sionLandscaping is a great way to get started on improving the look of the exterior of your property. It's also a great way to create a welcoming atmosphere into your home. But, it's best to hire an expert if you want the best results in the end. In need of landscaping and design in Birmingham, AL? DSLD Land Management is a fyll-service design and build landscape contractor firm. Get in touch with us today!

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