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5 Easy Ways to Have a Healthy Garden All Year Round

Updated: May 15

Plants are affected by the fact that they dwell on a planet with different seasons. If you're new to gardening, you can expect your plants to change over the year, and they will undoubtedly react and adjust to changes in their surroundings. Knowing basic landscaping ideas to assist your garden transition into the changing seasons is essential if you live in a region with very frigid winters. It is possible to improve the quality and longevity of your plants, fruits, and vegetables if you know how to do it right.  Here are five ways to keep your garden healthy and thriving all year round.

1. Treat Your SoilSoil degrades over time and must be replenished on a regular basis. Make careful to monitor the condition of your garden soil and replace it when necessary by purchasing fresh soil from a nearby garden shop.  Mulch also aids in the retention of moisture in your garden's soil, which is why you should gather dead leaves in the fall. Fallen leaves are nature's mulch, which helps to enhance soil quality by forming a natural layer of compost over time.

2. Consider Potted PlantsPotted plants are simple to care for and attractive to look at. Apart from that, these plants are quite adaptable. You may either keep them outside to obtain the proper amount of sunshine or bring them inside when it gets too chilly. You can also purchase tough, resilient succulents like echeveria, which you can combine with pansies and violas or use as an interior decoration in the winter.

3. Perform Regular Plant MaintenanceYou should deadhead, trim, and cull your plants as needed, regardless of the season. These steps can help you clean up the unhealthy portions and remove old flower blooms to encourage new development. Doing these will also control growth and make space for more as it stimulates new growth.  Regular plant maintenance is also crucial in getting rid of any bugs or unwelcome parasites. Your plants will undoubtedly continue to flourish if you properly care for them.

4. Go Beyond the Usual OptionsDo not limit yourself to the usual flowers and shrubs; think outside the box and try to incorporate seasonal plants and produce into your garden. Not only will this keep your garden looking lively and healthy all throughout the year, but you'll also have some nutritious vegetables that you can serve on your dinner table. For example, during fall, you can have cabbages, pears, pumpkins, Swiss chard, and sweet potatoes, among many others.

5. Plant Plenty of TreesLastly, you can consider planting evergreen trees and foliage. Their leaves will not dry out during the fall, and they will look magical while covered with snow during the winter. Some trees that will work beautifully are Japanese maples, especially the cut leaf weepers, Sargent crabapples, and weeping cherries. If you're looking for broadleaf evergreen foliage, boxwood, Delaware Valley White azaleas, and Mt. Fire Andromeda will also fare well in cold weather conditions. 

ConclusionMaintaining a healthy garden throughout the year may seem like a daunting task, especially if you feel like you are still in the middle of fostering your green thumb. Fortunately, you just need to learn the correct way to take care of your garden to help your outdoor crops and beautiful flowers to withstand the seasons. If you are looking for landscape design services in Birmingham, AL, DSLD Land Management has everything you need. We are a full-service contractor firm that can design and build the landscape of your dreams. Get in touch with us today!

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